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The 1929 Essex Coupe
Restoration Project

Restoration Progress

This section outlines my restoration plan, and the progress I've gotten so far on doing the restoration.

Initial Delivery - May 30, 2002

  • Cleaned out a space for the car in my Garage.
  • Had the car delivered on May 30. See the pictures in the Photo area.

Prevention of further deterioration: June 2002

  • Put the car up on stands to remove pressure on the suspension.
  • Place camphor balls around the vehicle to discourage mice from getting in.
  • Covered all openings with plastic bags to discourage rodents from building nests.

Research and Documentation: June 2002 - present

  • Built this web site.
  • Found other web sites related to automobile restoration, and Essex automobiles.
  • Obtained Mechanical specifications for my car from the Hudson Reference Sheet no. 34 (January 1929) provided by Alex Burr.
  • Purchased original Essex Instruction Manuals from eBay for 1928 series 1, and 1929 series 2 Essex. Still looking for a manual for the 1929 Series 1.
  • Started documenting missing parts.
  • Started developing local contacts with automotive restorers, and people with expertise in antique autos.

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