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The 1929 Essex Coupe
Restoration Project

Hudson Reference Sheet no. 34 - (January 1929)

Kevin's Introduction

The following information came from the "Hudson Reference Sheet No 34 - (January, 1929)" as provided by Alex Burr, who operates several MSN Communities on Hudson and Essex vehicles. ( 1, 2, 3 ) I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Alex for being so helpful in providing this information about my car. My web page version is incomplete. You can see his complete PDF version of reference sheet 34 for more details.

I made some modifications to the layout of this information for better presentation on the web. Specifically I added a table of contents, the links back to the table of contents, and rearranged the tables slightly.

I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of this document. Use at your own risk.

Note that, I have not yet completed entering this information. The document I received was 12 pages long. The tables below cover pages 1 through 6 of the bulletin. The missing features include:

  • Gear rations and rules for comparing speed in miles per hour with motor RPM
  • Essex Super 6 Standard Equipment
  • Essex Super 6 Body Details - 1929 Models
  • Technical Service Bulletin for installation of hot water heater for thermosyphon cooling
  • Various other notes

Mechanical Specifications for Essex
Super Six - 1929 Model
Car Serial No. 928658 to 1070299

Table of Contents


Make: Hudson
Model: Essex Super Six
# Cylinders: 6
Cylinder Arrangement:  Vertical
Bore: 2-3/4"
Stroke: 4-1/2"
Rated Horsepower: 18.15
Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Piston Displacement: 160.38 cubic inches
Suspension: 4 Point
Type of Head: L
Cylinder Head: Detachable
Cylinders in Block: 6
Crankcase: Integral
Material: Cast Iron
Lower Half: Pressed Steel

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Camshaft Drive

Type of drive: Chain
Make: Morse
Type: No. 28
Width: 1-1/4"
Camshaft Sprocket:  38 Teeth
No. of Links: 57
Pitch: 1/2"
Adjustment: Adjustable eccen.
Sprocket Material:  Cast Iron

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Camshaft Bearings

Number of Bearings: 3
No. 1 front - diameter:  2"
No. 1 length:: 1-1/16"
No. 2 Diameter: 1-31/32"
No. 2 length: 1-1/16"
No. 3 Diameter: 1-1/2"
No. 3 length: 15/16"

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  Inlet Exhaust
Head Material: Silicon steel  Silicon steel
Head diameter (outside): 1-3/8" 1-3/8"
Head diameter (opening):  1-3/8" 1-3/8"
Stem length: 5-1/32" 5-1/32"
Stem diameter: 5/16" 5/16"
Stem type of end: Grooved Grooved
Tappet-type: Roller Roller
Tappet Clearance: .003"-.005" .005"-.007"
Valve lift: 5/16" 21/64"
Valve stem guides: Removable Removable
Spring pressure: 50 lbs. 50 lbs.

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Crankcase and Crankshaft

No. of main bearings:  3
No. 1 (front) - diameter:  2-11/32"
No. 1 length:  1-5/8"
No. 2 diameter:  2-3/8"
No. 2 length:  1-3/4"
No. 3 diameter:  2-13/32"
No. 3 length :  1-3/4"
Crank pin diameter:  1-3/16"
Main bearing Material:  Bronze & babbitt
Main bearing clearance:  .001" - .0015"
Main bearing end play:  .006" - .012"
End thrust on:  Center bearing
Sprocket:  29 teeth
Material:  steel

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Connecting Rod

Material:  D. F. Steel
Weight:  1-1/2 lbs.
Length C. to C. :  8-3/16"
Lower end bearing material:  Babbitt
Lower end bearing clear:  .001"
Clearance (endwise):  .006" - .010"
Type:  Spun
Babbitt diameter:  1-13/16"

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Type:  Slotted Skirt
Material:  Aluminum Alloy
Weight:  8 ounces
Length:  3-1/16"
Pin center to top:  1-11/16"
Distance between bosses:  1-1/8"
Clearance - skirt:  .002"
Depth of grooves:  .156"
Lower groove:  Drilled Radially
Number of holes:  8
Diameter of holes:  3/32"

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Piston Rings

Material:  Cast Iron
No. per piston:  3 (above pin)
Width:  1/8"
No. of Compression Rings:  1
No. of oil rings:  2
Type of joint:  Mitre
Gap clearance:  .006"-.008"
Make:  Piston Ring Co.

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Piston Pin

Type:  Floating
Diameter:  3/4"
Length:  2-3/32"
Bushing - outside diameter:  15/16"
Bushing - inside diameter:  3/4"
Bushing - length:  15/16"

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Lubrication System

Type:  Circulating splash
Oil pump type:  Plunger
Stroke of pump:  Not Adjustable
Capacity - Oil reservoir only:  5 quarts
Capacity - Oil reservoir and troughs:  6 quarts
Mesh of screen:  50
Oil recommended:  Medium heavy - use low cold test in winter

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Cooling System

Type:  Thermo. syphon
Radiator - make:  Harrison
Core - type:  Ribbon cellular
Radiator - shutter:  Pressed steel - Vertical
Radiator shutter - make:  Hudson
Shutter control - type:  Manual
Capacity of cooling system:  4-3/4 gallons
Radiator hose, upper, diameter:  2-1/4"
Radiator hose, upper, length:  5-1/2"
Radiator hose, lower, diameter:  2-1/4"
Radiator hose, lower, length:  15-3/16"
Fan belt:  "V" type
Fan - make:  Hudson
Fan bearing type:  Plain

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Fuel System

Carburetor-make:  Marvel V
Carburetor-size:  1-1/8"
Method of heating mixture:  Marvel Heat Control
Make of vacuum tank:  Stewart
Gasoline tank capacity:  11-1/2 gallons
Fuel feed - type:  Vacuum tank

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Muffler - make:  Hudson

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Ignition System

Make:  Auto-Lite Corporation
Current Source:  Battery and generator
Spark control type:  Full automatic
Firing order:  1-5-3-6-2-4
Timing:  D. C. (fully retarded)
Breaker point gap:  .020"
Ignition coil - make:  Auto-Lite Corporation IG-4065
Spark plug - make:  A. C.
Spark plug - type:  Short
Spark plug - size:  Metric - 18 m/m, .5 m/m thread
Spark plug - gap:  .025"-.028"
Note: any other information must be obtained from the manufacturer

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Starter Motor

Make:  Auto-Lite Corporation MZ-4014
Drive-type:  Bendix
No. of teeth on flywheel:  100
Width of tooth face:  3/8"
Pinion meshes from:  Rear of flywheel
Note: any other information must be obtained from the manufacturer

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Make:  Auto-Lite Corporation GAM-4101
Normal Charging Rate - hot:  10 Amps.
Normal Charging Rate - cold:  13.5 Amps.
Note: any other information must be obtained from the manufacturer

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Make:  Exide
Type:  3-XI-33-1-G
Voltage:  6
No. of Plates:  13
Where mounted:  Under driver's seat
Terminal grounded:  Negative
Length - overall:  9"
Width - overall:  7"
Height of box:  7-7/8"
Height over terminals:  9"

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Lighting System

Head and tail lamps - make:  John Brown Lamp Company
Head lamp reflector - make:  John Brown Lamp Company
Head lamp - type:  Bullet
Side lamp - type:  Bullet
Head lamp lens - type:  Parabeam
Head lamp lens - diameter:  8"
Head lamp dimmer method:  Separate filament
Dash and tail lights connected:  Separately
Anameter - make:  National Gauge & Equipment Co.
Dash Light - make:  National Gauge & Equipment co.
Lighting switch control:  On steering wheel

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Lamp Bulb Specifications

Location:  Make Mazda No.  C.P. Base  Voltage
Head:  Mazda  1110  21-21  D.C.  6-8
Side:  Mazda 63 3 S.C. 6-8
Tail:  Mazda 63 3 S.C. 6-8
Dash:  Mazda 63 3 S.C. 6-8
Stop:  Mazda 87 12 S.C. 6-8
Dome:  Mazda 63 3 S.C. 6-8

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E. A. Horn:  Motor Type

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Wheelbase:  110-1/2"
Lubricating system:  Alemite
Overall length with bumbers:  14' - 0"
Location of serial number:  Rear cross member

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Make:  Hudson
Location:  Unit
Speeds:  3 forward, 1 reverse
Gear ratio - low:  3.244 to 1
Gear ratio - second:  1.961 to 1
Gear ratio - high:  1 to 1
Gear ratio - reverse:  4.170 to 1
Type of lubricant:  Heavy motor oil
Oil capacity (approx.):  1 quart
Pilot bearing in crancshaft:  N.D No 1202
Pocket Bearing:  Bronze bushing
Reverse idler:  Bronze bushing
Main shaft - front:  N.D No. 1207
Main shaft - rear:  Hyatt No. N.C. 306
Countershaft:  Stationary

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Make:  Hudson
Type:  Single disc in oil
acing material:  Cork inserts
No. of cork inserts:  72
Throwout bearing:  Annualar & thrust
Throwout:  5/32"
Clearance at F/B:  3/4"
Lubrication:  1/2 pint light motor oil.

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Location Make Type
Front:  Spicer Metal
Rear:  Spicer Metal

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Type of Drive

Propulsion through rear springs.

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Rear Axle

Make:  Hudson
Type:  Semi-floating
Gear ratio:  5 6/10 or 5 1/11
Type of drive:  Spiral bevel
Min. road clearance:  8"
Clearance for jack:  10-1/4"
Differential - make:  Hudson
Pinion:  Adjustable
Pinion bearing:  Adjustable
Wheel bearing:  Timken 415TV and 412A
Pinion bearing - front:  Timkin 2691V and 2620
Pinion bearing - rear:  Timken 3188 and 3120
Differential bearing - right:  Timken 336 and 3320
Differential bearing - left:  Timken 336 and 3320
No. of teeth in pinion:  10 or 11
No. of teeth in gear:  56
Oil capacity (approx.):  1-1/2 quarts

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Front Axle

Make:  Hudson
Section - type:  I beam
End - type:  Rev. Elliott
King pin thrust brg.:  Ball brg.
King pin transverse inclination:  7 deg.
Toe in:  none - or not over 1/8"
Castor angle:  0
Min. road clarance:  8"
Clearance for jack:  11" on spring
Spindle transverse inclination:  1 deg.

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Standard Brakes

Type:  Bendix 4-wheel brakes

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Service Brakes

Location:  Front and Rear wheels
Make:  Bendix
Type:  Internal
Total braking area:  147 sq. inches
Drum diameter:  11"
Lining length per wheel:  2 pieces 24-1/2"
Width of lining:  1-1/2"
Thickness of lining:  5/32"
Clearance of lining:  .010"
Method of applicatoin:  Foot Pedal

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Hand Brake

The hand lever operates the front and rear wheel brakes independently of the foot pedal, and should be used for parking, especially when car is standing on an incline.

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Type:  Wood steel felloe
Make:  Motor Wheel Corporation
Front wheel inner bearing:  Timken No. 2554 and 2520
Front wheel outer bearing:  Timken no 2382 and 2320

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Type:  Split
Make:  Jaxon
Diameter:  20"
Width:  4"

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Size:  30 x 5 balloon, straight side
Make:  Goodyear
Number of plies:  4
Recommended pressure:  Front 28 lbs. Rear 32 lbs.

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Steering Gear

Make:  Gemmer
Type:  Worm and shaft
Ratio:  15 to 1
Steering wheel turns:  2-1/2" (full swing left to right)
Turning radius:  20 feet
Lubricant:  Steam cylinder oil

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Front Spring:
- Type:  Semi-elliptic 
- Length:  36" 
- Width:  2"
- No. of Leaves:  8
- Material:  Vanadium Steel
- Front bushing:  5/8" diameter
- Rear bushing:  5/8" diameter
- Bushing Material:  Phosphor bronze
Rear Spring:
- Type:  Semi-elliptic 
- Length:  54-7/8" 
- Width:  2"
- No. of Leaves:  7, 8, or 10
- Material:  Vanadium Steel
- Front bushing:  5/8" diameter
- Rear bushing:  5/8" diameter
- Bushing Material:  Phosphor bronze
Spring Lubricant:  Motor Oil
Shackle - type:  Adjustable

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Make:  Hudson
Material:  Steel
Depth:  4-1/2"
Thickness:  5/132"
Width of flange:  1-7/8"

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