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The 1929 Essex Coupe
Restoration Project


The information provided below is for the 1929 first series Essex Super Six, car serial numbers 928658 to 1070299. Every attempt has been made to verify the information, but I do not guarantee that the information is accurate. Use at your own risk.


My car is a 1929 Series One 2-door 4-passenger rumbleseat coupe, serial number 1067xxx (see a picture of the ID plate on the firewall and the frame stamp on the rearmost frame cross-member, right-hand side). The last three digits have been obscured for security / privacy reasons.

Frame Serial #: 1067xxx
Engine Number: H4P8 635xx H
Estimated Manufacture Date:  May or June 1929
Series #: 1
Body Style: 2-Door Rumble Seat Coupe
# Passengers: 2 in cab, 2 in rumble seat
Wheelbase: 110-1/2"
Milage: 56561
Original Price: $725

Detailed Information

The following are documents with more detailed information about this type of car.

What is a "Series"?

A note about the "series" numbers. Hudson (which built Essex automobiles) released two versions of a car each year. The "Series One" was released in January, and the Series Two was released in July. At the end of the year, minor modifications were made to the "Series Two" model to make it the "Series One" of the subsequent year.

The serial number on my car is close to the end of the Series One for 1929, which indicates it was probably built in May or June of 1929. This means it is near the end of the run that started in July 1928 (1928 Series Two) and ended in June 1929 (1929 Series One).

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