Some of my virtual friends

Here are the Web pages for some other people I've met on the net ...
Some friends at the University of Saskatchewan

Karen and Marcus Shields - Friends living in Toronto.

Ilana Stern - National Center for Atmospheric Studies, Boulder Colorado

Johnny V
I was in Bud's on Broadway the local Saskatoon Blues bar, a few months ago. The fellow playing there was "Johnny V". During a break he sat down at the next table and was talking to some friends. I overheard things like "Can talk to people all over the world" ... "they can get audio clips" ... "Booking dates on line". I asked, and it turned out he just got onto the Internet and was talking about web pages.

I mentioned that I put together the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival pages, so we got talking. Since then, I occasionally get e-mail from him. We even traded Ferengi Rules of Acquisition sites #8-)

Kevin Lowey - Dept. of Computing Services, University of Saskatchewan