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Hey, here's one from the archives.

Back in 1990 I was in our educational services group, teaching IT workshops for campus staff. I have an education degree. One of the things we did in our Education courses was videotape ourselves teaching, so we could evaluate ourselves from a student's perspective. I suggested that the other instructors who hadn't done this get our Division of Media and Technology to tape their session.

On this day, a co-worker named James Johannesson was supposed to get filmed, but at the last minute he got sick, so I had to take over for him.

So here, for posterity, is me teaching "Introduction to MS-DOS for Hard Disk Users". I explain how using hard disks is different from using a computer with just floppy disks. Show people how to use directories to organize files, talk about the wonders of the "chkdsk" command, etc.

Here is the movie in "real video" format".

Start the movie.