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Disney's Animal Kingdom

Animal kingdom, as their marketing stuff says, is "Notazu" (Not a Zoo). It has various areas, for Africa, Asia, Dinosaurs, etc. I liked the jungle safari ride (take it first thing in the morning when the animals are most active), the tiger exhibit, and the Dinosaur ride (another one like Spiderman where you sit in the car as it goes through the exhibit).

My favorite "ride" was the "It's tough to be a bug" hosted by "Flick" from "A Bugs Life". It's similar to the T2 3D show. A 3D movie combined with an anamatronic "Flick", smell (when the stink bug goes off), water mist (when they spray the bugs), and even fun things happening with the chairs (don't want to ruin all the surprises!)

Had to take this picture for Heather. This was on the Jungle Safari ride in the Africa area. Hop on a 4WD tour bus (a real one, not a fake one on tracks) and follow a road through the back country. The premise is you are on a safari tour, when your group is enlisted to help stop some poachers. Along the way we see all sorts of animals, giraffes, gazelles, lions, elephants, wildebeast, crocodiles, etc.

All the animals wander around the outdoor enclosures. I talked to one of the employees, who said that every animal is brought in at night. They are trained to return to their enclosures when they hear different sounds. One sound for elephants, one sound for lions, etc.

This is in the Asia exhibit, the Tiger pens. The day I was there they had a record high temperature. Around 90 degrees Farenheit. Obviously, Tigers do like water.

At 4:00 they have a parade. Here's Minnie Mouse. Ran out of shots on my digital camera before Mickey came by.