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Islands of Adventure

This is the second of the Universal Studios theme parks. This one is made up of several "islands", each with a different theme. It's mostly rides, and most of those you get wet (like the Jurassic Park ride). I liked the Poseiden walkthrough, lots of cool things, including walking through a tube of flowing water (not simulated, it's actually water going over your head and landing on the other side).

This is toon town, lots of cartoon characters. There's rides for kids, Popeye's ship to climb on, a Betty Boop store, etc.

This is the "Hulk" roller coaster on Superhero Island. The cool thing about this coaster is that it doesn't slowly take you up to the top and let you go. Instead, it rockets you up to the top.

I didn't go on that, but I did go on the "Spiderman 3D" ride. Get into a car, which follows tracks around the ride. Meanwhile you are waring 3D glasses and screens are showing Spiderman and assorted villans, while your car spins around, etc. Similar to the Men in Black ride at Universal Studios, but in 3D.

This is the entrance to "Dueling Dragons". A pair of two roller coasters, where one coaster apparantly clears the other going opposite directions by only 12 inches. There were other rides too, like the two towers that rocketed people up, then down, then up, then down ...

Another stage show. This one was the Ninth voyage of Sinbad. Lots of pyrotechnics.

They also have Dr. Seuss Island. I didn't eat here, but there was another restaurant that was pretty cool. The stuff here is mostly for the smaller kids, so I liked it a lot.