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Seaworld has aquariums, outdoor shows, "petting zoos" to pet dolphins, etc. For an additional cost, you can even swim with the dolphins, although I didn't do that.

One of the shows is a simulator ride of a "Polar Expedition". You sit in a "glacier hopper" that is picked up by a chopper, then dropped off on a glacier. Lots of bouncing around, getting caught in an avalanche, etc.

In the entrance to the ride, they have a fake airport giving plane schedules to remote northern locations. One of these remote northern locations was "Moose Jaw".

Couldn't leave Florida without a picture of Flamingos. They are normally white. The shrimp in their diet turns them pink.

The Shamu show. Those people in the front row are about to get REALLY wet.

Around the corner from the Shamu stadium you can see the whales from below the surface.

This is the restaurant where I had lunch. The aquarium outside is their shark aquarium. Food was expensive, but the view was worth it.

At the bottom of the Shark aquarium is a plexiglass tube with 8" walls. You can walk underneath all the sharks swimming above your head. The green shimmer in the picture is the light coming in from the restaurant windows in the previous picture.

This is another of the outdoor shows, this time with seals. It's a pirate show, where they find a couple of cast aways and try to get them to steal some treasure. If you look above the pirate in yellow, you'll see a sea otter about to steal his yellow map. The day I was there, the map fell down, so the pirate had to pick it up and put it back for the sea otter to grab, all the time pretending he forgot where he put his map. Funny.

This is a manatee, native to Florida. They are endangered. A lot end up getting hit by boat propellers.