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Universal Studios

My hotel was across the street from the three main Universal Studios parks: Universal Studios (mostly movie exhibits and rides), Islands of Adventure (more for kids, mostly rides), and Citywalk (tourist row with restaurants, shops, etc.).

Below are some pictures from the Universal Studios park. Unfortunately, I can't take pictures inside the shows. I liked the Terminator 2 3D the best, although the Back to the Future and Jaws ones were pretty good too.

Restaurant where I had lunch. Made to look like the restaurant in American Grafitti.

Outside the entrance to the Jaws exhibit. They put you on a "riverboat tour" where we get attacked by Jaws. The shark here is how big the shark was supposed to be in the movie Jaws.

Right next door was the "Earthquake" show, where we get into subway cars, then they simulate an 8.0 earthquake. There was also a "Twister" show where you got to see what it's like to be in a Tornado. In the Terminator 2, 3D show, you put on 3D glasses, and follow the Terminator and the boy he's protecting into the future to battle Skynet. It's a combination movie and stage show, about 20 minutes long. Includes moving seats, getting sprayed with a mist of water when the bad terminator gets blown up, etc.

They are currently replacing the King Kong exhibit with a "Shrek 4D" one.

This shows the entrance to Universal Studios. Notice the searchlights pointing off into the sky. The globe in front spins about once every 30 seconds.

This is the "Ghostbusters" car. Right next to it they had an outdoor show featuring "Beetlejuice" and the Ghostbusters crew. There were also other shows for the Beetlejuice Horror Review, and the Wild Wild Wild West stunt show. My favorite of the "live" performances was the Animal Planet stage, where they brought out all sorts of animals to entertain us.

And of course, we can't forget the Blues Brothers. They did a pretty good job of finding actors that looked like John Belushi and Dan Akaroyd.