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Speaking Engagements

Here is a summary of some of the functions I have been asked to speak at.

1996 - present

I have done a number of web-related seminars at the U of S. Notes for these can be found at


September 28 - Privacy on the Internet

This talk is for the Saskatoon Freenet Computer Fair. I discuss some of the issues related to privacy on the internet. Exactly what can people find out, and how can you protect yourself.

September 25 - The Internet: CB-Radio of the 90's?

This talk discusses how businesses can implement a successful WWW system on the Internet. It was given at the Canadian Information Processing Society supper meeting.

May 3 - Internet and the WWW for Engineers

A general introduction to the Internet for Engineers attending the Saskatchewan Engineering Society conference in Saskatoon.

April 13 - Developing a Community Web Site

This 1/2 hour talk discusses some of the issues envolved in setting up a community web site.

March 22 - Developing a Web Presence

This talk for the Saskatoon Engineering Society discusses how to create a web presence on the Internet. It talks about getting access to the internet, having someone develop web pages for you, how you can develop the pages yourself, and some tools to assist you.

February 19 - Winston High School

This two hour talk discusses using the Internet for educational purposes. It's a general introduction to the Internet for teachers attending a Teacher's Convention.

January 23 - Multimedia on the Internet

This one-hour talk discusses the use of multimedia using the World Wide Web, and other applications. It shows the past (download it then play it), the present (play it as it downloads) and the future (3D VRML, Netscape enhancements, etc.)


December 8 - Saskatoon Engineering Society

This one-hour talk will discuss how Engineers can use the World Wide Web to promote their companies, and find Engineering resources on the WWW.

Nov. 25 - Saskatchewan Association of Computing in Education

I gave a talk on the use of the Internet for educational use. Topics include:

November 11 - Canadian Organization of Campus Activities

This is a convention for people who book acts into campus bars, movies into campus theaters, organize campus activities, etc. Topics discussed in this one hour talk include:

Sep. 30, Oct. 1 - Saskatoon Freenet Computer Fair

I gav a talk entitled WWW - The Wild and Wacky Internet.

June 27, 1995 - Western Association of Registrars in University and Colleges of Canada (WARUCC)

This conference is in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I gave a 1 1/4 hour presentation entitled "Jazzing Up Client Relations: Distributing Information using the Internet". The talk explained how HTML and the World Wide Web can be used by Registrars to share information with their clients.

June 20, 1995 - Networking '95

This conference is in Ottawa Ontario at Carleton University. I was asked to present a paper with Suzanne Cornforth on behalf of the U of S CWIS Steering Committee. The talk outlines issues related to using the World Wide Web to present a "professional" face for our University to the Internet community. It discusses some of the pitfalls we fell into when developing our pages, policy problems which must be addressed, technical problems, etc.

April 29, 1995 - Toastmasters Regional Conference

This conference was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I presented two 1/2 hour talks on the Internet, demonstrating its capabilities and the resources available on the network.

April 22, 1995 - U of S Internal Medicine Students

I presented a 3-hour introductory talk on how the medical profession is using the Internet for research and other uses.


November 17, 1994 - Sask. Agriculture Convention

This converence was located in Saskatoon. I provided a 1/2 hour talk on the Internet, and how it can be used by Agriculture. The target audience was mainly farmers and agriculture representatives. I provided a quick survey of the Internet, and some on-line demonstrations and searches.

June 20-23 1994 - Networking '94 Conference

This conference was in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, June 20-23 1994. I presented two three-hour hands-on sessions introducing people to the Internet and its capabilities.

May 13, 1994 - Distance Education and Non-Traditional Delivery

This conference, located in Swift Current Saskatchewan, was for teachers, University extension departments, and other people envolved in distance education. I provided a one-hour demonstration of the Internet, explaining how it works, what resources are available, etc.

Kevin Lowey
Dept. of Computing Services, University of Saskatchewan