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Below is a list of the pocket watches currently in my collection. Select the picture for more pictures and a more detailed description of the watches.

Elgin SN 7244858
Elgin Size 18, 7 jewel, lever set, grade 96, model 2, fancy dial. Hunter movement in an open face case (side winder), SN 7244858. Built circa 1898.

Waltham SN 7202531
Waltham, Size 0, 15 jewel, model 1891, crown set, open-face, silver, EAC engraved on back, blue digits on dial, SN 7202531, circa 1895.

Waltham SN 11122956
Waltham, size 18, 7 jewel, model 1883, crown set, open-face. The case is gold filled 20 year warrant with flowers and a bird engraved back, SN 11122856, circa 1903.

Unknown: SN 109649
Unknown manufacturer, size 14, 17 jewels, crown set, open-face, excellent condition 10 year gold-filled case with flowers engraved on the back, SN 109649

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