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Most of the useful information on this site comes from other web sites not run by me. Any page that doesn't show the menu on the left-hand side is one of these external sites.

Below are listed links to sites which I refer to from my site for information. They provide a great resource for all sorts of information related to Horology. I sincerely thank these sites for making this information available, without them my site would be much less interesting.

Source for my tables on pocket watch sizes, and watch dating by serial numbers. Also the source for the article on the Elgin Watch Factory.

Waltham Community Home Page
Source of information for the Waltham Watch Company FAQ.

Waltham Company Web Site
Waltham watch serial number database, and company history.

Elgin Watch Collectors Site
This site has a wealth of information about Elgin watches, including a history of the company, various Elgin databases, etc. I refer to some of these resources from my site.

Marshall Vintage Timepieces & Antiques
Source of the Guide to Grading pocket watches.

The Fascination of old clocks and watches
The source of my history of the pocket watch pre, and post 1850.

The Clock Doc
Source of information about clock manufacture dates from serial numbers, winding key sizes, ships clock bell strikes, and the poem that led to long-case clocks being called grandfather clocks.

Lockes Clocks
Source of information for pocket watch owners guides for case types, winding, setting the time, and faults & maintenance.

Clocks and Time
Source of information on why Roman dials usually use "IIII" instead of "IV" for four, and history on where our minutes and hours came from.

Information and history of railroad grade watches.

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
Source of my information on standard winding key sizes. Also, the pocketwatch bulletin board.

British Horological Institute
Diagrams of parts for wristwatches and lever escapements.

Horological Guild of Australasia
Provided an excellent history of the watch in the History section

Hallmark Database
An excellent guide to British and European Hallmarks. Useful for identifying where and when watch cases were made, as well as the precious metal content of the watch cases.

Other Links

The following are other useful Watch-related web sites.

Watch U seek
General information about manufacturers, watch dealers, watch discussion forums, trading areas, etc.

Pocketwatch section on eBay
A useful site for keeping an eye on the current watch prices at auction, as well as for buying or selling your watch.

Pocketwatch section on eBay Canada
Similar to the main eBay site, but in Canadian dollars.

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