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Waltham SN 11122856

Kevin's Notes

This is my first pocketwatch. Well, actually, my second. I remember as a teenager having a silver pocket watch with the radium dials, but I don't know what happened to that. This watch was a christmas gift from my parents.

Watch Identification

Manufacturer: American Waltham Watch Company
Movement Serial Number:11122956
Case Number: Fortune 181986 with an emblem that looks like a wheel with wings sticking out at each side of the "axel".
Other Marks:
  • "American Waltham Watch Co." stamped on the movement.
  • "SAFETY PINION." stamped on the movement.
  • "1986" stamped on the case surrounding the movement. This might be the year the watch restorer worked on the watch before selling it to my parents.
  • Inside the back cover, hand engraved, are a series of numbers in various locations: H, 5130, and 571, H, 1519, 2051, 2541, and H-6016, H, 4986 and X, 29476
  • The inside of the bezel has I IX VIII VI (1986) inscribed. I assume to match the 1986 on the watch case.

Dial Information

Dial Type: 24 hour
Number style: Roman
Hand Style: Blue Spade
Other Notes:
  • "WALTHAM" written on dial
  • Digits 1-12 in Roman numerals, then hours repeated (13-24) in smaller Arabic digits under the Roman numerals.
  • Standard small second hand at 6:00 position, marked every second with digits marking every ten seconds and a longer line marking every 5 seconds.

Case Information

Case Type: Open Face, screw bezel and screw back.
Case Material: Gold filled, 20 year warranty (according to the "Fortune" marking)
Case Decorations: Back engraved with a bird flying down into a collection of flowering plants.

Movement Information

Watch Size: 18
Model Number: 1883 open face (I think, mine has one less screw)
Number of Jewels I assume 7 because it is not marked.
Set Type: Crown Set (pull crown out to set time)
Regulator Type: Micrometric

Watch Condition

Movement and Case Condition: Very Good
Dial Condition: Very Fine


The crystal has a few minor scratches

The engraving on the back of the case is a bit worn, but all the details can still be seen.

The dial has a very minor crack that goes from 47 minutes, through the centre of the dial, to the 19 minute mark. I didn't even notice this until I saw the blown up pictures for the web site.

The watch runs flawlessly. I'm not sure if alterations were made to the movement or if the parts are all original.

Known Watch History

Watch built (according to a table of Waltham production dates and the serial number).

Unknown Time
Watch came to the possession of a watch collector / restorer in Regina Saskatchewan, who advertised three watches in the Regina Leader Post. My mother (Carol Lowey) them bought these watches for my father (Vernon Lowey) as a Christmas gift. (I'll be checking these details with my mother soon to get more accurate information)

December 25, 1998
Watch given to Kevin Lowey as a Christmas present from his parents.

Copyright 1998-2001 Kevin Lowey