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Waltham SN 7202531

Kevin's Notes

This is the fourth watch in my collection. I picked it up at an "antiques sidewalk sale" in one of the local malls. I liked the blue numbers, and wanted a smaller 0 size watch for my collection, and it was really cheap. I was pleasantly surprised later to find out it was a 15 jewel watch, and not the 7 jewel I originally thought. (The jewel markings are buried down almost hidden by the balance wheel). I wonder who "E.A.C." was ...

Watch Identification

Manufacturer: American Waltham Watch Company
Movement Serial Number:7202531
Case Number: C.W.C.Co. - Coin - 3074, trade mark is a crescent moon with a five-pointed star at the top.
Other Marks:
  • "American Waltham Watch Co." stamped on the movement.
  • "SAFETY Barrel." stamped on the movement.
  • "15 Jewels" stamped on the movement upper left of balance wheel.

Dial Information

Dial Type: Normal
Number style: Arabic in blue writing
Hand Style: Blue Spade
Other Notes:
  • No manufacturer name on the dial
  • No second hand

Case Information

Case Type: Open Face, flip down bezel, back, and dust cover.
Case Material: Coin Silver
Case Decorations: Back engraved with the initials EAC

Movement Information

Watch Size: 0
Model Number: 1891 open face
Number of Jewels 15
Set Type: Crown Set (pull crown out to set time)
Regulator Type: Micrometric
Movement Age: circa 1895

Watch Condition

Movement and Case Condition: Very Good
Dial Condition: Average


Cracks in the dial go from :30 to :57. 2 branches go from just below the watch centre to :10 and just left of watch centre to :52.

The watch runs flawlessly

Known Watch History

Circa 1895
Watch built (according to a table of Waltham production dates and the serial number).

Feb. 6, 2000
Watch purchased from an antique dealer by Kevin Lowey.

Copyright 1998-2001 Kevin Lowey
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