Mohammad Masudur Rahman
(a.k.a. Masud Rahman)
PhD Research Student, Software Research Lab, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

"And say: My Lord increase me in knowledge." -(The Qur'an, Ta-Ha 20:114)

"You can go so far you can dream of and dare to ..."

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Educational Career
Ph.D in Computer Science/Software Engineering (2014--) (running)
I started my PhD from Fall, 2014. Right now I am working on breadth exams and PhD research topics. More specifically, I am exploring the scope of Crowdsourced knowledge in the recommendation for various software manintenance tasks such as five C's-- Code search, Code comprehension, Code review, Code change and Code debugging.
For details, check my publications.
Advisor: Dr. Chanchal K. Roy

M.Sc in Computer Science/Software Engineering (2014)
I completed my two years M.Sc in Computer Science from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. I completed five courses- Advanced Software Engg (CMPT 816), Software Maintenance and Evolution (CMPT 846), Advanced Human Computer Interaction (CMPT 811), Machine Learning (CMPT 898) and Reseach Methods and Topics I (CMPT 880) with a course average of 89%.
My MSc thesis: "Exploiting Context in Dealing with Programming Errors and Exceptions in the IDE".
For details, check my publications.
Supervisor: Dr. Chanchal K. Roy

B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering (2009)
I completed my four year B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from Khulna University in 2009. I stood 1st class 1st among 37 students with a CGPA 3.91 out of 4.00. I also stood 1st (according to CGPA) in School of Science,Engineering and Technology (Out of 5 departments (200 students)) and was awarded President Gold Medal-2010. More about CSE, KU..
Supervisor: Dr. Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif

Higher and Secondary School Certificate (1997-2003)
I passed the golden 6 years of my life (1997-2003) in Jhenidah Cadet College which is one of most cherished and prestigious institutions of Bangladesh. From JCC, I completed my H.S.C in 2003 (GPA: 4.60/5.00) and S.S.C in 2001 (GPA: 4.63/5.00) under Jessore Education Board. I was awarded merit list scholarship during (2004-2007) and (2001-2002) from Jessore Education Board. More about JCC

Publication Stats

  • ICSE (A*) x 2
  • ASE (A) x 3
  • ICSME (A) x 1
  • MSR (A) x 4
  • SANER (B) x 5
  • SCAM (C) x 2
  • SEKE (B) x 1
  • CASCON x 1
  • ICSPS x 1
  • VSSM x 1
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