Impact of Continuous Integration on Code Reviews

Abstract: Peer code review and continuous integration often interleave with each other in the modern software quality man- agement. Although several studies investigate how non-technical factors (e.g., reviewer workload), developer participation and even patch size affect the code review process, the impact of continuous integration on code reviews is not yet properly understood. In this paper, we report an exploratory study using 578K automated build entries where we investigate the impact of automated builds on the code reviews. Our investigation suggests that successfully passed builds are more likely to encourage new code review participation in a pull request. Frequently built projects are found to be maintaining a steady level of reviewing activities over the years, which was quite missing from the rarely built projects. Experiments with 26,516 automated build entries reported that our proposed model can identify 64% of the builds that triggered new code reviews later.


Experimental Data

Available upon request. Please contact for the experimental data.

Related Publication(s)

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