Abstract: Despite various debugging supports of the existing IDEs for programming errors and exceptions, software developers often look at web for working solutions or any up-to-date information. Traditional web search does not consider thecontext of the problems that they search solutions for, and thus it often does not help much in problem solving. In this paper, we propose a context-aware meta search tool, SurfClipse, that analyzes an encountered exception andits context in the IDE, and recommends not only suitable search queries but also relevant web pages for the exception (and its context). The tool collects results from three popular search engines and a programming Q & A site against the exception in the IDE, refines the results for relevance against the context of the exception, and then ranks them before recommendation. It provides two working modes--interactive and proactive to meet the versatile needs of the developers, and one can browse the result pages using a customized embedded browser provided by the tool.

System Requirements

  • Required JDK: JDK 7.0.21 and later. (This is a must)
  • Supported OS: Windows 7+, Ubuntu Linux 12+, did not test with Mac OSX 10, but should work if JDK specification is met
  • Supported Eclipse IDE: Indigo 3.7+, Juno 4.2+, Kepler 4.3+ (This is a must)
  • Required External Libraries: Get Libs (if required)
So far, I tested with those configurations, but other versions are likely to support if JDK 7.0.21+ installed and Eclipse IDE is of upper versions.

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