I view my role as a learning facilitator who is responsible for organising course materials so students can maximize their own learning. I believe that students should be responsible for their learning while I provide tools and strategies to help them succeed. I promote constructive and informed analysis, critique, and synthesis. I encourage all students to participate with me in creating a safe and respectful learning environment.

One of the joys of my discipline - particularly the sub-discipline "environmental geography"- is the challenge of bringing knowledge and methods from the natural and social sciences together to understand human-environment relations. I seek projects that bridge these dimensions and use class time to explore both their foundational and practical differences as well as arguments and strategies for their synthesis.




Multi-level Environmental Governance - ENVS 898.3 (with the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy)

This course offers an examination of theoretical and practical issues associated with defining, describing and evaluating environmental governance at multiple scales.


Research in Environment and Sustainability - ENVS 803.3

The purpose of this course is to introduce graduate students to theoretical and practical issues in research about environment and sustainability. Its specific objective is to demonstrate and promote professional practices in scholarship culminating in a research plan that will serve as the basis for developing a graduate research proposal.


PhD Seminar in Sustainability - ENVS 809.3

This seminar course will examine ideas and assumptions that underpin attempts to achieve “sustainability” and explore different strategies aimed at advancing sustainability objectives. Students will examine fundamental conflicts in values and choices, governance options and challenges, and scientific and societal uncertainty about human-environment interactions.


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