Preparing for and Responding to Disturbance: Arctic Lessons for Sweden

MISTRA: The Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Sweden)Sweden

Carina Keskitalo, University of Umeå Sweden, with Maureen Reed and Monica Tennberg (Finland)

Climate change and socio-economic change alike constitute strong impacts on Arctic areas, which for Sweden are strongly characterised by the boreal forest covering most of northern Sweden and including occupations such as forestry, reindeer husbandry, tourism and local use as well as a significant infrastructure compared to other regions of the Arctic. Disturbances due to economic crises of natural disturbances such as storms, pest outbreaks, or flooding that are projected to increase with climate change impact all of these, including possibilities for logging in forestry, reindeer herding migration routes and viability, and infrastructure. This project suggests to review how different types of disturbances including socio-economic and climate change may impact Arctic Sweden. The project will draw upon both existing records of events in Sweden and lessons from how events have occurred and been responded to in other Arctic countries such as Finland and Canada. The project thus aims to develop knowledge to raise the policy capacity to respond to change in Sweden.