*Now recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows for 2017*

My research is highly interdisciplinary and weaves together expertise in environmental education, animism and multiple ways of knowing.  I focus on ‘epistemological stretching’ – the expansion of the ways of knowing that someone respects, understands, and/or engages with. As we expand our ways of knowing, we are able to at the very least appreciate, if not directly access, insight and wisdom that emerges from a shifted consciousness that includes intuitive, affective, spiritual and embodied ways of knowing.

I am collaborating with Indigenous Elders, colleagues and professional animal communicators to explore ways to remember and deepen the human-nature connection through intuitive interspecies communication.

The goal: transformative sustainability learning that traverses worldviews and generates innovative solutions to complex problems.

My research and teaching is embedded in epistemologically and ontologically pluralistic perspectives, creating a shared ethical space where worldviews and ways of knowing of Aboriginal Peoples are recognized and valued. Without a deeper understanding of the many different forms of knowledge, and the many legitimate ways there are to know, effective engagement with Indigenous Knowledges will remain elusive.

My background includes environmental education, qualitative and decolonizing research methodologies, transformative learning, and energy healing. I am currently learning to teach mind-to-mind animal communication.