Current Activity:

I am currently on sabbatical and spending my time writing from our previous projects and starting a new project with Beardy's-Okemasis First Nation:  Remembering Relational Ways of Knowing through Interspecies Communication

"The purpose of our research is to develop what Cree ethicist Ermine (2007) has identified as a shared ethical space where intuitive/spiritual communication between humans and animals can be better understood and contribute to reconciliation across Indigenous, settler and newcomer cultures. Walking along side each other with channels of communication open to the more than human world, our team will inquire into what reconciliation actually means when the more than human is recognized as active partner."

Past Events:


Society for Human Ecology International Conference.  Symposium: Researching, Living and Teaching in Conversation with the More-than-Human (April 2016, Santa Ana, California)

"Drawing on theory and practice, panelists disrupt the culturally-produced human-nature binary, in all of its complexities, through lived, scholarly and pedagogical engagements with intuitive/spiritual interspecies communication. We propose that ethical, intercultural practices of intuitive interspecies communication have great potential to begin to “undo” the harmful impacts of settler colonialism." Authors: M.J. Barrett, Marie Lovrod, Jelena Miseviski, Joseph Naytowhow and Lewis Williams.


Oct.-Nov. 2015: Intuitive Interspecies Communication Workshops: 

  • Basic Workshop - Saskatoon: Oct. 31-Nov. 1
  • Advanced Workshop - Saskatoon: Nov. 7
  • Basic Workshop - Thunderchild Reserve: Nov. 3-4


August 21, 2014: Intuitive Interspecies Communication research project

The Animal Communication presentation and workshop in August 2014 was the start of a research program examining how communication with animals may help contribute to a deeper appreciation and affinity for the environment, and greater environmental sustainability. It is part of MJ Barrett’s larger research program examining how Indigenous and other ways of knowing can be recognized, valued and establish their place as legitimate forms of knowledge in academic and modern Western contexts. Indigenous Peoples often have a way of knowing and communicating with nature, animals and the environment as a whole that is very different from main-stream and Western society. 

The August events included a panel presentation and 2-day workshop with animal communicator Mary J. Getten. 

June 21, 2013: Courtney Milne's work featured in SENS video

Courtney Milne's artwork

SENS students are using images from Courtney Milne's vast art collection (soon to be housed at the U of S) to access intuitive inner wisdom and have also created a film that communicates the importance of using multiple ways of knowing for environmental decision-making.

Featuring SENS faculty MJ Barrett and students, Multiple Ways of Knowing in Environmental Decision-Making profiles the multiple viewpoints and perspectives required when facing environmental issues.

Leaving a legacy: Art used in SENS classes finds a new home at the U of S