• MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate

    A unique murder mystery visual novel, where you must find the culprit before time runs out!

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  • Lazer Cops

    Retro neon 80's vehicular smash-up bullet-hell coop game!

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  • Zoomba 3000: The Wreckoning

  • Cyan VS Magenta

    Square off against your opponent in this neon-coloured local multiplayer brawler


Machine Whisperer, Instructor & Game Developer

I am a Computer Science graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, now working on a Masters degree. My interests include software engineering, artificial intelligence and making videogames. When not making games, I'm a sessional lecturer at the U of S, and have taught the following courses:
  • CMPT 113: Introduction to Computer Science for Engineers
  • CMPT 141: Introduction to Computer Science
  • CMPT 215: Introduction to Computer Science
This site features information about my skills and projects that I've worked on, with a focus on games that I've made.

When I'm not coding my latest project, you can find me running tabletop roleplaying games, playing saxophone and playing ridiculously long boardgames.

I'm the leader of the Foolish Mortals. I guess that makes me the most foolish. We make games, and stuff.