Metamorphic Rock Names

Metamorphic Grade Metamorphic Rock Classification Outline

There are a limited number of common metamorphic rock types:

SLATE foliated shales and muds prominant splitting surfaces
SCHIST foliated fine grained rocks mica minerals, often crinkled or wavy
GNEISS foliated coarse grained rocks dark and light bands or layers of aligned minerals
QUARTZITE non-foliated sandstone interlocking almost fused quartz grains, little or no porosity
MARBLE non-foliated limestone interlocking, often coarse, calcite crystals, little or no porosity

Contact metamorphic rocks are recrystallized and rarely show foliation. Shales baked by igneous contact form very hard fine-grained rocks called HORNFELS. Calcareous rocks (dirty limestones) when subject to contact metamorphism an alteration by hot fluids produce rocks called SKARNS.

Metamorphic Grade Metamorphic Rock Classification Outline
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