This is a new website in which I show many of the prints I have produced with waterless lithography. As well there is a page dealing with the jewelry that I produced commercially at one point in my life. While looking through the jewelry slides, I feel that these pieces are just as or even more creative than my prints.

Because I cannot sell anything from my university website, I have opened this one for promotion of 3-part rollers, Palm Presses and a multimedia CD of my processes, using PDF format.  

To overcome spasm and other annoying problems, anyone wanting to post messages on the discussion pages, will have to register as a member.  The only information I would like about artists using the discussion groups is their location. It is interesting for me to see where the main centers of use are for the process. I am sorry that the internet has come to this, where we must take serious steps to keep out people who only think of themselves.

The site is at: