The New Directions Art Gallery

This is a collection of print editions done with the processes I have developed over
the years. It is to show that editioning can be successfully done with the new
technology, just as easily as with traditional methods. Information on each print is
provided as it was given to me.

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 Paul Croft

Shipshack Series 1 - 195 x 195 mm waterless lithograph done in 2002. The file has been cropped to only include the image.

Paul is a Tamarind master printer who came to my workshop to learn more about waterless lithography in 2001. He is teaching printmaking at Aberystwyth School of Art in Wales. He has organized a major exhibition of Contemporary Lithography . The show opened in Wales in 2007 and hopefully tour throughout the UK and Ireland.

Susan Soper

Anticipation - 18.4 x 15.7 cm printed in 2006 from 4 plates. Key plate was an Omnichrom pencil drawing, others were flats and toner washes.

Susan had been printing stone from 1988 but went to the Frogman workshop in South Dakota in 2001, where she learned waterless from Ross Zirkle. She has been printing lots of her work in waterless now. She has a shop in North Carolina, using a Fuch and Lang press with Handschy and Daniel Smith litho ink.

Alan Flint

Gore Park Fountain - 43 x 33 cm print combining 2 waterless litho plates and 2 relief blocks.

Alan is one of the most knowledgeable printmaker on my processes in Canada and probably the entire globe. He came to work with me in 1992 and was already known as a most inventive and capable printer while living in Ontario. He has printed for many artists in eastern Canada and some coming from Europe. Many of the prints I posses came from Alan who has printed for artist like Chris Bacons' plover.

Sasha Semenoff Libby

The Spirit of Avalon - 36 x 28 cm waterless lithograph

Sasha received her undergraduate degree in art and a masters in Educational Administration. While teaching art in a local high school and working on her masters, she came with me to the SGC conference in Miami, FL in 2000 to demonstrate the palm press. Printed in 4 colours; plus 3D drops of "wax" added with modified hot glue. This image was printed on Rising Mirage calendared paper with a palm press to show how effective the small units can be. The exchange edition for the conference was printed on a regular transfer press.

Kevin Orlosky

How Often Do You Check Your Watch? 91.5 x 129.5 cm waterless litho

This print conistes of 24 circles with working clocks coming out of them. Each shape is in its' own plate. The piece sonsists of 18 colors. Four different colors for each row of circles. The two other shapes surrounding them is a separate color.

Chris Bacon

Semipalmated Plover - 24 x 18 cm waterless lithograph

Chris Bacon is internationally known for his prints of birds. He used an Omnichrom pencil to produce the 6 plates needed for the edition. I have another of his wonderful prints done with the most subtle of colors and elegant design. One of the true masters of drawing.

Jeff Sippel

Primary Field - 48 x 48 cm waterless lithograph

Jeff has been the educational director at Tamarind until his appointment as professor in University of Missouri in St. Louis, Mo. He has become interested in waterless while at Tamarind and has given workshops on the process in many places in the world.

Ross Zirkle

Echos of a Dream - waterless lithography

Ross became interested in waterless lithography while studying at Tamarind. He came to my studio to learn more about my process and has gone on to give workshops and lectures in the United States as he was very committed to promote the safer method of lithography.

Ross died of cancer in March of 2007. One of the best waterless printmaker I have known and he will be missed by all of us.

This gallery will be changed and updated periodically with the many other image in my collection or files sent to me by E-mail. If you would like your prints shown on this web site gallery, contact me and tell me what you have and how best to send it to me. I would be pleased to show your work done with any of my innovations. For anyone interested in the artists work, I can help you get in touch with them.

Updated June 2007