American Print Alliance, an important organization which supports printmaking in North America.

Artists in Canada. A national Online directory of artists and galleries.

The Art Q & A Pages. An informative collections of questions and answers on all sorts art subjects

Bill Fisher's University Art Department Directory This is a good place to find about other university art departments

Bradley University, an information website that deals with various aspects of printmaking.

Cedric Green This is a wonderful site with information on both Electro-etching and Bordeaux etch (copper sulfate). Cedric and I have independently discovered the advantages of these processes and communicate at times. His site goes into great detail on the history and methods of using the processes.

Hampton Editions Ltd. You can get information and acquire the completely safe photo intaglio process - the Solarplate method. Positive transparencies or photographs can be easily exposed to this tough plastic coated metal plate and editioned in much greater numbers than ImageOn. Development is by water alone.

Southern Graphics Council, one of the most active print groups on the continent. Many good demonstrations are given each year at their annual meeting.

World printmakers This site has much information of interest to printmakers from around the world. Not only does it contain links to many interesting sites, it also is a marketing device for printmakers.