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Crystal Chan


Stephen Fransoo


 Pulse Producer Decision-making Under Risky Conditions

Chris Gbekorbu



Jasroop Gosal


Ebrahim Hassanpour



Sharmi Jaggi



Graeme Jobe



Sarah Juma



Barakatou Kone 


Emdad Mian


Yvonne Ndelle


Jo-Anne Relf-Eckstein


Paul Trujillo Jacome PhD


Recent Theses

Bill Boland  PhD, 2014 Public-Private Partnerships for the Management of Agricultural Innovation Systems 
Lisa Clark PDF VALGEN Post-doctoral fellowship, Regulations and Governance
Jaime Leonard MPP  The Innovation and Diffusion of Policy: Novelty in the Canadian Regulatory System for Plants with Novel Traits
Ronn Lepage MSc. Interdisciplinary Studies The adoption of energy efficient residential building technology in Canada: understanding Canadian adoption levels
Sara McPhee Knowles PhD The complex problem of food safety : Applying agent-based modeling to the policy process 
Simbo Olumbobum PhD Consumer and expert responses to GMOs
Puja Sharma MPP Social capital in large-scale projects and it's impact on Innovation: Social network analysis of Genome Canada (2000-2009)
Lucy Zhang MPP Evaluation of Genome Canada granting
Ata Ul-Munim MPP, 2011 An exploration of an institutional and behavioural analytic framework for technology transfer and commercialization partnerships
Cristina Holguin-Pando MSc, 2010 Technology transfer in transitional economies: The case of Mexico
Greg Poelzer MA, 2010 Governance Structures, Bargains and Processes In the Saskatchewan Uranium Industry: 1970 – 2010

Graeme Webb

MA, 2009

Creative Social Entrepreneurs, Social Capital and Collaborative Governance: A Saskatoon based analysis

Jeremy Karwandy

MSc, 2008

Perspectives on industrial clustering and the product, resource and knowledge based views of management

Jocelyn Orb

MA, 2008

The political economy of public-private partnerships: Forestry co-managment in Northwest Saskatchewan

Cami Ryan

PhD, 2007

Performance of Public-Private Collaborations in Advanced Technology Research Networks:  Network Analyses of Genome Canada Projects
Harry Hillman Chartrand PhD, 2006 Ideological Evolution: the Competitiveness of Nations in a global knowledge-based economy
Stuart Smyth PhD, 2005  A decade of regulating agricultural biotechnology liability in Canada : a case study from 1994 - 2004