Graduate Students

Current Students



Thesis Topic

Bill Boland

PhD, Politcal Studies

Public private partnerships

Lisa Clark

PDF, Public Policy

VALGEN Post Doc -- Reg and Governance

Jaime Leonard

MPP, Public Policy

Innovation in regulatory systems

Ronn Lepage

MSc, Interdisciplinary Studies

Consumer acceptance of NetZero housing

Sarah McPhee Knowles

PhD, Public Policy 

Complexity and behaviouralism

Simbo Olumbobum

PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies

Consumer and expertresponses to GMOs

Puja Sharma

MPP, Public Policy

Social capital in research systems

Lucy Zhang

MPP, Public Policy

Evaluation of Genome Canada granting


Recent Theses

Ata Ul-Munim MPP, 2011 An exploration of an institutional and behavioural analytic framework for technology transfer and commercialization partnerships
Cristina Holguin-Pando MSc, 2010 Technology transfer in transitional economies: The case of Mexico
Greg Poelzer MA, 2010 Governance Structures, Bargains and Processes In the Saskatchewan Uranium Industry: 1970 – 2010

Graeme Webb

MA, 2009

Creative Social Entrepreneurs, Social Capital and Collaborative Governance: A Saskatoon based analysis

Jeremy Karwandy

MSc, 2008

Perspectives on industrial clustering and the product, resource and knowledge based views of management

Jocelyn Orb

MA, 2008

The political economy of public-private partnerships: Forestry co-managment in Northwest Saskatchewan

Cami Ryan

PhD, 2007

Performance of Public-Private Collaborations in Advanced Technology Research Networks:  Network Analyses of Genome Canada Projects
Harry Hillman Chartrand PhD, 2006 Ideological Evolution: the Competitiveness of Nations in a global knowledge-based economy
Stuart Smyth PhD, 2005  A decade of regulating agricultural biotechnology liability in Canada : a case study from 1994 - 2004