X-ray Science Division partnered with the Pacific Northwest Consortium

Advanced Photon Source, Sector 20

Located at:

Argonne National Laboratory

9700 S. Cass Ave. 435E

Argonne, IL USA  60439

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Welcome to the PNC/XSD Facility


PNC/XSD comprises both the bending magnet and undulator beamlines at Sector 20 of the Advanced Photon Source.

Research at our facility focuses primarily on spectroscopic  (XAFS, XRS, time-resolved) and microbeam (microprobe mapping, micro-XAFS, micro-Diffraction) applications of hard X-rays.

On this website, you should find here most, if not all of the information relevant to accessing and using the PNC/XSD beamlines. If you feel something is missing or is in need of further clarification, please contact us.


The PNC/XSD Beamline Staff


Beamline Announcements:

1.Deadline for APS GU Proposals for 2015-2 is March 6, 2015.


2. Next CLS Call for Proposals (Cycle 22) runs January 28 - February 25, 2015


3. Trouble-shooting guide for users!


4. Updated Acknowledgements to reflect new CLS administration of PNC - see Research page.



Beamline Highlights:


PNC/XSD is funded by the US Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada,

the University of Washington, the Canadian Light Source and the Advanced Photon Source.

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