Large Scale Watershed Modelling in Cold Regions

We conduct fundamental and applied research for advanced watershed modelling, with a focus on cold regions. Our modelling efforts mostly involve the MESH (Modélisation Environmentale–Surface et Hydrologie) modelling framework. MESH is a distributed physically-based coupled land surface-Hydrology model developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) for various water management purposes at large scales. Through an ongoing close collaboration with the National Hydrology Research Centre (NHRC), we are actively involved in further development and application of the MESH model. These enhancements include improving model structure, reducing prediction uncertainty, incorporating human interventions, and adding more relevant cold-region processes. All these efforts are aimed at addressing current and future challenges facing water security for human and nature, under a changing climate and environment in Canada and across the globe. We use High Performance Computing (HPC) systems, GIS software, remote-sensing and satellite-based products, and various field observations to systematically develop, apply, and evaluate watershed models at various spatio-temporal scales.