Dr. Patrick Reed's visit to the Watershed Systems Analysis and Modelling Lab

Date: 2015-10-02

Dr. Patrick Reed from Cornell University visited lab on October 2, 2015, and gave a seminar titled “Discovering Tradeoffs, Vulnerabilities and Stakeholders Dependencies in Complex Environmental Systems”.

Patrick M. Reed is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. Dr. Reed’s research focusses on developing innovative management modeling approaches for complex engineered systems with a particular emphasis on water resources systems. He is investigating how to effectively combine a wide range of knowledge sources with simulation, optimization and information technologies to capture impacted systems’ governing processes, elucidate human and ecologic risks, limit management costs, and satisfy stakeholders’ conflicting objectives. The management modeling tools developed by Dr. Reed’s research group combine multiobjective optimization, high performance computing, and advanced spatiotemporal visualization and uncertainty modeling techniques to facilitate improved stakeholder decisions.

His presentation demonstrated key computational innovations in his research group’s MOVA (many-objective visual analytics) framework using recent successful applications in urban water portfolio planning in Research Triangle as well as assessing the vulnerability of their global portfolio of space-based rainfall satellite missions to infrastructure collapse.