Lab members attend joint AGU-GAC-MAC-CGU assembly, Montreal, 3-7 May 2015

Date: 2015-05-01

Here is the link to the event's website:

Following is a detailed list of lab members' activities:

Dr. Saman Razavi will be convening a session:

  1. Session title: Hydrologic Modeling Across Scales: On the Issue of Scale Dependency.

    Primary Convener: Saman Razavi (University of Saskatchewan).
    Co-conveners: Hoshin Gupta (University of Arizona), Bethanna Jackson (Victoria University of Wellington), Rohini Kumar (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ Leipzig).

    Chairs: Saman Razavi (University of Saskatchewan), Bethanna Jackson (Victoria University of Wellington).

Presentations by Saman Razavi:

  1. A Critical Look at Sensitivity Analysis of Hydrologic Systems Models: A New Framework for Global Sensitivity Analysis
    (Saman Razavi, Hoshin Vijai Gupta).
  2. Evaluation of Paleo-Hydrologic Extremes and Their Uncertainties
    (Saman Razavi, Amin A Elshorbagy, Howard S. Wheater, Dave Sauchyn, Gonzalo Sapriza, Kwok Pan Chun).