Welcome to the Urquhart Research Group

About Stephen Urquhart


I am a Professor of Chemistry and an associate member of the Department of Physics. I supervise Chemistry and Physics undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and teach physical and introductory chemistry courses. 

My research is focused on applied and fundamental aspects of X-ray spectroscopy and microscopy, ranging from fundamental molecular spectroscopy to the structural properties of organic nanomaterials and semiconductor devices. My research group is involved in the development of the Spectromicroscopy beamline at the Canadian Light Source.

I intend to enroll new graduate sutdents for September 2017. International students should provide evidence of English Language competency as part of their cover letter. Strong communication skills are essential to research success for all students.

I am active in the professional development and regulation, serving as president of the Association of the Professional Chemist of Saskatchewan (APCS, www.saskpchem.ca).

The research group

May 2017, at the CSC Conference (Toronto, ON)
Amara, Sahan, Sadegh and Stephen at the CSC
May 2015, at the CLS:
Urquhart research group