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Terry Goslin, Matt Henrie, Stephen deGraaf

Rabies is an important disease which affects all mammals including humans.  It has a nearly worldwide distribution with the exception of some islands which enforce strict controls to prevent its entry.  It causes a fatal disease unless previously vaccinated or treated before the onset of clinical signs.  There are two main forms the "furious" form  and the "dumb" or "paralytic" form.  With the furious form affected individuals will show aggression and may transfer the disease by biting another individual, as the virus is usually spread by bites through the saliva. 

This page has been prepared for Veterinary Virology VTMC 333.2 at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

The page is intended for information purposes only.  If you have concerns about an animal showing signs of rabies, contact your veterinarian immediatly so that appropriate actions can be taken to control this important disease. 

March 2007