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Spatial Cognition, Navigation, and Wayfinding
About Me

I am a professor of Geography and Planning. I teach and conduct research on topics related to Geomatics, Spatial Cognition, and Health. My teaching includes introductor to advanced Geomatics.

I teach undergraduate classes in Geomatics and Cartography and Communication. I graduate classes in Sensor Networks and Geomatics. I am also a visiting scholar at Harvard, where I am lead instructor of the GIS Institute at the Institute for Quantiative Social Sciences.

Some of my experience includes running experiments on human navigation and wayfinding. This has included controlled studies involving different map types, confidence in positioning systems, and people's ability to point to nearby and distant places. I

I have had the good fortune to collaborate with scholars from many fields. I enjoy working in collaborative settings and have organized several conferences as a result of this preference.

My Favorite Quote

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

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My Projects

GIScience 2016

GIScience is a bi-annual conference for scholars of GIScience. This conference brings together researchers from Geography, Computer Science, Linguistics, etc. to present emerging research in the field. This conference will be held in Montreal in September 2016; With Renee Sieber, I am one of two General Chairs.

COSIT 2015

COSIT, Conference On Spatial Information Theory, 2015 was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This conference focusses on the intersection of Math, Computer Science, Cognition, Philosophy, and Linguistics (among others). WIth Scott Freundschuh I was one of the organizers and General Chairs of this successful conference.

Health Geography

I have collaborated with community health researchers, physical therapists, dentists, and computer scientists on a broard range of health topics.

Spatial Cognition

My longest standing research areas is spatial cognition. I continue to develop this area of interest. Recently I have begun collaborating with colleagues in Computer Science to develop indoor positioning tools and intergrating them with existing smartphone based tracking applications to study human movement and interaction.

Email me at scott.bell@usask.ca
fax 306-966-5680

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