Alan B. Anderson

(Sociology, College of Arts & Science, 1968-2006)

Over thirty eight years, Alan has not only contributed to student learning and research in Sociology but also to a larger array of public and social policy formulation processes in Canada. His contribution to scholarship and policy research has continued during retirement years. He continues as a Research Fellow in Ethnic and Indigenous Studies in the Department of Political Studies, a Research Associate of the Community-University Institute for Social Research, and an Associate Member of the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. Since his retirement, Alan has published two books, several book reviews, conference presentations, journal articles and continued to serve as a referee for a variety of Canadian and international social science journals. He also has been serving as guest editor of a special issue of the Journal of Ethnic Minority Issues in Europe. He has served and continues to serve as an adjudicator of national research granting institutions such as SSHRC, Canada Research Chair program of SSHRC/NSERC/ CIHR. At the community level, Alan is active on different initiatives in such areas as urban aboriginal housing, immigrant and refugee settlement, including mentoring of new immigrants and refugees.

Winfried K. Grassmann

(Computer Science, College of Arts & Science, 1969-2006)

Winfried has made sustained scholarly contribution in the areas of stochastic models, simulation, and performance evaluation. This is reflected in his publication of numerous papers on numerical queueing theory and the initial bias problem in simulation. Simultaneously, he has supervised a large number of graduate students. His commitment to research and student supervision has continued after retirement extending to topics ranging from simulation, health, and history of computers. His research has been supported by a number of grants from the NSERC and this funding has continued after his retirement. He has supported his profession as editor or associate editor of journals such as Operations Research, Naval Research Logistics, The INFORMS Journal on Computing, INFOR, Journal of the Canadian Operations Research Society. Besides remaining committed to research and student supervision at this University, he continues as Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Ontario and the University of British Columbia Okanagan. In 2010, he was a Distinguished Speaker at the annual conference of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. He also continues as the President of the Saskatoon Section of the Canadian Operational Research Society.

Bruce Reeder

(Community Health and Epidemiology, College of Medicine, 1987-2015)

Bruce has served the U of S as a public health and preventive medicine specialist. Recognized as an outstanding teacher and engaged scholar, Bruce has been instrumental in the first vision of the School of Public Health and more recently, in the development of the University’s One Health initiative. Recognitions and awards received by Bruce prior to retirement include: Canadian Family Physician Research Award (1994); Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education Award (2000); Harold N. Segall Award of Merit from the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (2003). His services for the Doctors Without Borders include: RDC Congo (2009, 2013); Kyrgyz Republic (2012); Liberia (2014). Since retirement, Bruce has continued building up the One Health initiative through teaching, program development and research. His commitment of service to global health has also continued in Central African Republic as well as to MSF Suisse. At the local level, Bruce remains associated with the new Sanctum HIV Hospice adjacent to St. Paul’s Hospital and volunteers for the Alpine Club of Canada.