n.b. - the note basher

The "note basher" is a little php script that turns the plain text class notes I write into more nicely-formatted webpages to make them easier to print or read. It takes tab-delimited text like this -

==The Economy==
	Economic systems
			private ownership of property
			pursuit of personal profit
			competition and consumer choice
			Neo-liberal capitalism vs. welfare capitalism, which combines a mostly market-based economy with extensive social welfare programs
				[[ US: neo-liberal; Sweden: welfare capitalist ]]
			collective ownership of property
			pursuit of collective goals
				[[ instead of personal goals; everyone pursues collective goals such as housing, food and necessities for everyone; something of an ideal ]]
			gov't control of economy

- and turns it into webpages like this (loads...eventually). Feel free to download it and try it out; it's got a few quirks and is kind of poorly coded, but if it helps you then that would make my day. Cheers!

Download the note basher, version 1. (You'll need to read and edit the php file to get it working. Sorry!)

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