The Following are excerpts from famous tamizh couplets called "Thirukkural".  Would like to present some of my favorite 'Kurals' and before that lets see whats it all about.
    Take all the knowledge about life available on the earth. Divide it into three segments whichever way you will. Under each of those list out fifty or so subjects; and on each of those subjects write ten relevant couplets in such a way that their inherent wisdom is true today and remains so two thousand years hence. This is what The Great Saint Thiruvalluvar did when He created the timeless Tamizh Classic Thirukkural. 

I have given the kurals in quotes that is in tamizh followed by meanings in English. As with any translation,  the beauty of a poem or prose degrades but still.....
"Vaiyathu vaazhvaangu vaazhvaan
dheivathuL vaikkappadum"

He who leads his life as he should (i.e. following the path of dharma), ranks among the Gods in heaven.

"Kuzhal inidhu yaazh inidhu enbatham makkaL
mazhalai sol keLaadhavar"

Speaking of the sound of flute and the harp as sweet tones are people, who havent heard their little children’s prattle or lisping.

"Eendra pozhudhinum peridhuvakkum than maganai
sandron ena ketta thaai"

Great is the joy of the mother when a child is born to her; but greater is her joy when she hears his unblemished character and merits feom others.

"Thandhai magarkkatRum udhavi avaiyathu
mundhi iruppa cheyal"

The duty of the father to his son is to make him worthy to sit in the front rank of an assembly.

"magan thandhaikku aatRum udhavi ivan thandhai
ennotran kol enum sol"

The greatest filial service of a son is to conduct himself in such a manner and make the world wonder, what austerities has his father performed to be blessed with such a son.

"Muganaga natpadhu natpandRu; nenjathu
aganaga Natpadhu Natpu"

It is not the smile on the face that proves a friendship, but the internal joy that fills the whole heart.

"udukkai izhandhavan kaipol aangey
idukkan kaLaivadhaam Natpu"

A true friend is a one who hastens to succour one from his misfortune just in the same way as the hand instinctively hurries to hold the slipping dress.

"MuyaRchi thiruvinaiyaakum muyatRinmai
inmai puguthi vidum"

Industry is the mother of prosperity; lack of it brings in poverty or destitution

"Dheivathaan agadheninum, muyaRchi than
mei varutha kooli tharum"

What if fate (or God) wills its failure and the object is not attained, the effort pays its own reward.

"solludhal yaarkum eLiya; ariyavaam
solliya vaNNam seyal"

Preaching is the easiest thing; to put it in practice is difficult.

"EpporuL yaar yaar vaai ketpinum apporuL
meipporuL kaaNbadhaRivu"

From whomsoever one hears about a thing, it is wisdom to understand the true import of it.

"Yaagaavaar ayinum naa kaaka kaavaakkal
sokappar sol izhukku pattu"

Whatever may be the nature of control one may have on things in the world, failiure to be vigilant and have control over his tongue, will lead him to misery and great trouble

"Theeyinaal sutta puN uLLarum aaRadhey
naavinaal sutta vadu"

The fire-caused wounds heal soon enough, but not the one caused by a scalding tongue

"innaa seidhaarai oRuthal avar naaNa
NaaNNayam seidhi vidal"

The best punishment to those who do evil to you, is to make them feel ashamed by returning good for evil.

"Pirarkkinna murpagal seiyyin thamakkinna
pirpagal thaamey varum"

All the evil you do in the forenoon bounces back in the afternoon.

"oRuthaarku oru naaLai inbam; poRutharku
pondRum thuNaiyum pugazh"

Retaliation gives but a day's joy. Forbearance brings everlasting fame and glory

"Kaalathinaal seidha NandRi siRidheninum
nyalathin maana peRidhu"

By itself the help rendered to one may be a trifle; but the timeliness of the help made in the hour of need makes it bigger than the whole world.

"EN NandRi kondRaarkum uivundaam uivillai
sei NandRi kondRa magaRkku"

There is redemption for men who are guilty of every other crime, but not for the men who forgot help rendered to them.