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An Invitation to Review
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Articles that review areas of virology, which are either emerging or are of general interest, will considered for publication. Articles must be prepared and submitted by one or more authors who are registered as students at a university.

Articles must not be more than 5,000 words and must include:

The article must be composed in its entirety by the author(s). Text quoted from other sources must be in quotation marks and attributed to the original source. All information in the article must also be attributed to the original source that must be listed in the List of References. The article must not include material for which others hold copyright. All figures must be prepared by the author(s) and information in the figures must be referenced. Where figures are based on illustrations composed by others (published or not) the source of the original illustration must be acknowledged. Figures can be prepared using software such as Microsoft Power Point or Adobe Illustrator and saved as jpeg files.

The text of the article should be submitted as an rtf file, tables should be html files and figures should be jpeg files.

Submit articles to the editor:

Vikram Misra
Professor, Departments of
Veterinary Microbiology and

Microbiology and Immunology
University of Saskatchewan

July 2007