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An Invitation to Review
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Review articles will only be accepted from full-time graduate students and undergraduate students registered at a university. Most articles will have a single author. However, articles prepared as group efforts will also be accepted. All authors listed on such articles must be students. Others, who may have helped in the editing of the article, such as the student's  research supervisor, may be listed in the "acknowledgement" section of the article.

After an initial review by the editor the article will be posted on this site and will be designated "unreviewed". Professional virologists (university professors, virologists in industry or government agencies etc) are invited to review the articles. Once at least two positive reviews that recommend publication of the article have been received by the editor the designation of the article will be changed to "reviewed". The reviews, with the names of the reviewers removed, will also be posted on the site. Authors will be allowed to address changes suggested by the reviewers before final publication. If two negative reviews recommending withdrawl of the article are received, the article will be removed from the site.

July 2007