Techniques in Molecular Biology

VTMC 831



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A "hands-on" laboratory course designed to familiarize students with a wide variety of techniques in molecular biology: manipulation of DNA for cloning and analysis, detection of nucleic acids and proteins, site directed mutagenesis, purification of recombinant proteins by immunological techniques, detection of rare nucleic acids by polymerase chain reaction, analysis of gene expression by qRT-PCR, functional analysis of proteins and mutants.

Timing: The course begins at 9:00 AM on May 1, 2012 in room 2102 at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. It ends on June 1. The final examination for the course will be on Monday, June 3. Laboratory exercises are in room 2641 WCVM.

To familiarize students with basic molecular biological tools and their use in solving biological problems. 
To enable students to transfer techniques used in the course to their own areas of research. To develop an appreciation for how similar molecular tools can are used in a variety of biological fields

Course Structure: 
Students taking the course must have at least an undergraduate level background in molecular biology. Students who have not taken a recent course in molecular biology are responsible for acquiring the necessary background on their own.

Evaluation of performance in the class will be based on the following: 
Successful completion of laboratory and computer-based exercises, accurate maintenance of laboratory records, general conduct in the lab - subjectively assigned by the instructors, and  a final quiz.

  • Successful Completion of Exercises     10%
  • Lab Note Book
    • Periodic Checks                         10%
    • End of Course                            35%
  • Lab Conduct                                        5%
  • Final Quiz (June 4)                             40%

The course is offered during intersession (May 1 - June 1). Students should be prepared to devote at least eight hours a day, Monday to Friday for four weeks, to the course.

Lab manuals: 
All students are required to purchase the laboratory manual and notebook for a cost of $40. Payment should be made to the Veterinary Microbiology departmental office.

April 30, 2012

Vikram Misra Dept. Veterinary Microbiology Western College of Veterinary Medicine University of Saskatchewan