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Virology Web Sites
All the Virology on the WWW Links to a number of useful virology sites, including the Big Picturebook of Viruses, Virology Jobs, emerging virus information, class notes from several on line virology courses and MUCH MORE!
WHO site on avian influenza The latest information on avian flu
WHO Global Alert and Response
 A network for the rapid identification and response to disease outbreaks
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports Published by the US-CDC. Weekly health-related updates
Emerging Infectious Diseases (Journal) Published by the US-CDC. Articles on emerging diseases.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency Animal related site of the CFIA
CFIA directory for licensed products Catalogue of all veterinary products licensed in Canada. Includes vaccines.
CFIA-reportable diseases
List of reportable diseases and links with details
Public Health Agency of Canada - Infectious diseases  
Weird Virology Strange things in te world of Virology
Veterinary Virology Dr Peter Russell's course at the Royal Veterinary College, London
 Sample site  A sample site for use in tutorial on how to build a web page
 Foundations  of Medical and Veterinary virology University of Texas Medical branch. Downloadable images and graphic files as well as Powerpoint slides on Foundations of Veterinary Virology, New and Emerging Zoonoses, Arbovirology etc. 
 CFIA-EIA  Information on equine infectious anemia
 CFIA-rabies  Information on rabies cases to date, program and fact sheet