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This website was produced by Leah Frei and Allison Cox as a project for Veterinary Virology (VTMC 333.2) at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.  The links below will direct you to pages that address different aspects of Hantavirus.  Our references can be accessed here.  All images have been hyperlinked back to their original websites, and image sources have also been acknowledged in the alternate text.

1) Hantavirus Properties: Information on the history, host range and physical characteristics of Hantaviruses.
2) Transmission & Pathogenesis: How Hantavirus is transmitted between hosts and how it causes disease.
3) Symptoms & Clinical Findings: Symptoms, clinical parameters and pathology associated with infection by Hantaviruses.
4) Diagnosis & Treatment: Methods used to diagnose infection and how the illness is treated.
5)  Risk Factors & Prevention: Activities that put people at risk of contracting the virus, and how risk can be reduced.

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