Clinical Signs

Scour Agent
Age of Onset
possible: 0-28 days
most common: 1-6 days
watery-brown to light green feces, blood and mucus
possible: 0-28 days;
most common: 7-10 days
watery, yellow feces
E. coli bacteria
most common: 1-7 days
effortless passing of yellow-white feces
most common: 7-21 days
watery-brown to light-green feces, blood and mucus
Salmonella spp.
most common: 1-7 days
similar to E. coli; yellow-to-white feces
Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus
possible: 6-24 months of age
most common: 80-125 days of gestation
watery-brown to light green feces

The clinical features seen in affected calves range from:

Table modified from:

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