Post mortem

ecropsy: (source 1)


o       Large, heavy (2-3x normal weight) +/-  rib impressions

lung2(source 7).

o       Firm, do not collapse and are gray-blue or gray-yellow in all lobes

o       Evidence of secondary bacterial pneumonia may be seen

lung (source 7).

Lymph nodes:

o       Tracheobronchial and mediastinal lymphnodes are greatly enlarged, bulge on cut surface, and may appear gray-white.

·        Joints:

o       Arthritis commonly affects the appendicular joints.

o       Extensive synovial proliferation, fibrosis of the joint capsule, and degeneration of the articular cartilage and bone.

Central nervous system:

o       Gross examination of the brain and spinal cord is normal


Histology: (source 1)

·        Lungs:

o       Chronic diffuse interstitial pneumonia, with a complete absence of healing suggesting that the disease is progressive and never reaches a healing stage.

o       Hyperplasia of lymphoid cells around airways and blood vessels.

o       Accumulation of mononuclear cells in the interstitium.

histo (source 7).

·        Central Nervous System:

o       Lymphocytic meningitis

o       Choroiditis

o       Leukoencephalitis