Glossary of terms
Ascites – abnormal accumulation of serous fluid within the peritoneal cavity
Dyspnea – laboured or difficult breathing
Uveitis – inflammation of the uvea
Iritis – inflammation of the iris
Iridocyclitis – inflammation of the iris and ciliary body
Hyphema – hemorrhage into the anterior chamber of the eye
Aqueous flare – turbidity of the aqueous humor caused by increased protein levels and cells
Hypopyon – pus in the anterior chamber of the eye
Keratic precipitates – fibrous deposits on the posterior surface of the cornea
Chorioretinitis – inflammation of the choroid and retina
Retinal perivascular cuffing – the accumulation of lymphocytes or plasma cells in a dense mass around a        
                                                retinal vessel
Paresis – slight or incomplete paralysis