Koi Herpes Virus
What is it and why should I care?
A brief guide for the veterinary student.

By Sydney Chow
Last Edited September 2010.
what is itI know what you’re thinking. As if the average veterinary student doesn’t have enough to worry about. Isn't it enough to have to know the diseases of the main domestic species without having to learn about fish diseases too? Besides, who even really cares about fish? Who in their right mind would take their fish to the vet anyways? If your fish gets sick you just flush it and start over. And besides, it’s not like there are actually fish veterinarians, right? Wrong! Despite common belief fish veterinarians do exist and aquatic medicine goes far beyond flushing fish down the toilet. And even if you’re not strictly a fish veterinarian there are still reasons you should care about fish and their diseases. The purpose of this website is to give a brief overview of one of the most important fish diseases in veterinary medicine, i.e. Koi Herpes Virus or KHV, and why you, the future veterinarian, should be aware of this disease.

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why should I care
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