KHV: Why Should I Care?

3 reasons why you should at least be aware of the existence of koi herpes virus:

1) KHV is on the World Organization of Animal Health’s list of notifiable diseases. This means if you come across this disease in practice you’re obligated to report it to you local governing veterinary body.

2) The common carp is one of the most economically important aquaculture species in the world. KHV has the potential to rapidly devastate an entire fish farm leading to significant financial loss for the farm as well as a decrease in product available for people who consume carp as a regular part of their diet.

3)The koi is a large, friendly, long-lived fish. Many of which are worth considerable money (top end fish potentially exceeding $100,000). Others are pets and are considered by their owners to be just as important as the family cat or dog. As well, fish keeping is one of the most rapidly growing hobbies in North America. For these reasons you may come across clients willing to spend money on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of KHV.