Information For Class Presentaions

i. Presentations will be on the material scheduled for that particular class period.
ii. Students will be able to sign up for their top 3 preferences and I will create a finalized schedule of when each presentation will take place.
iii. Students should start browsing the text to see what their presentation interests might be.
iv. Presentations should be about 15-20 minutes but the student will be expected to field questions for about an additional 10 minutes after.
v. A presentation will include three elements: 1.) a summary of that class’s scheduled reading, 2.) some original interpretation and analysis, and 3.) a statement of personal opinion (agreement or disagreement with the text). See my webpage’s guide for philosophy papers for further clarification and advice.
vi. Students may work in pairs with correspondingly longer times.
vii. Students may use a wide variety of presentation formats ranging from the formal (e.g. simply reading a paper) to the informal (e.g. an organized debate between a pair of presenters).
viii. Overheads and blackboards may be used but do not merit higher marks. The Multimedia cart and the TV – VCR cost the department money and they are really unnecessary.
ix. I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of Toastmasters. I will not be judging the quality of style. You will not lose marks for stuttering or sitting, nor will you gain marks for “TV star” quality delivery (whatever that is). The presentation is marked on its content.
x. I will take notes, but students are welcome to turn in a one page summary (merely to jog my memory not to be graded). This written summary is not required.
xi. I will not mark the grammar, spelling, or punctuation of your presentation.
xii. Reminder: These Presentations (as well as all other assignments in this course) are subject to the rules regarding Academic Dishonesty as delineated in the University of Saskatchewan Calendar and allegations of plagiarism may be brought forward by students as well as professors.
xiii. Marking criteria for this assignment are listed directly below.


Marking Criteria For Class Presentations


  Introduction/Conclusion _____/5
  Overall Clarity  _____/5
  Organization   _____/5


  Accuracy   _____/10
  Completeness  _____/5
  Understanding  _____/10


  Focus    _____/10
  Interpretation  _____/5
  Fairness/Balance  _____/5
  Originality of Argument _____/5
  Strength of Argument _____/10

Critical Assessment

  Take a Stand  _____/5
  Plausibility   _____/5
  Informative/Not Trivial _____/5
  Logic/Does it Follow _____/10