William Buschert
University of Saskatchewan


Department of Philosophy and
Department of Political Studies,
University of Saskatchewan

9 Campus Drive,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
S7N 5A5

Office: (306) 966-6955
Fax: (306) 966-2567
Skype: will_buschert


Office Location: Arts 623
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Special Advisor to the Executive on Communications,
Canadian Philosophical Association



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Course Web Sites:

PHIL 133.3 - Introduction to Ethics and Values

PHIL 235.3 - Business and Professional Ethics
  PHIL 236.3 - Ethics and Technology
  PHIL 251.3 - Philosophy of Science
  PHIL 262.3 - Social and Political Philosophy
  PHIL 265.3 - Decision and Choice Theory
  PHIL 271.3 - Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art
  PHIL 362.3 / 862.3 (2008) - Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy: Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Transnational Justice
  PHIL 362.3 / 862.3 (2010) - Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy: Democracy and Its Critics
  PHIL 362.3 / 862.3 (2012) - Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy: Intergenerational Justice
  PHIL 398.3 - Special Topics: Philosophy of Technology
  PHIL 420.3 / 820.3 (2011): Philosophical Texts: The Idea of Justice
  POLS 111.3 (91) - Democracy in Canada and the United States
  POLS 112.3 (06) - Political Ideas and Change in a Global Era
  POLS 237.3 - Modern Political Theory
  POLS 337.3 - Canadian Political Thought
  LGC 100 - Introduction to Practical Logic
First Nations University of Canada/University of Regina

Current Events:

Philosophy in the Community

[Philosophy in the Community]Are you interested in philosophy? Are you in the Saskatoon area? . Then you should make a point of coming out to the Philosophy in the Community Lecture and Discussion Series. There's almost always a great turnout for the talk (even at -40°!) and usually a great discussion afterwards. Damn fine cookies and coffee will be supplied.

Philosophy in the Community
Second Wednesday of the month, September through April
7:00 - 9:00 PM

The Refinery
(St. James Church Basement)
609 Dufferin Avenue
at 12th Street, just off Broadway

Updated: July 28, 2010 


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