LGC 100 (S50) — Introduction to Practical Logic

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Handouts & Assignments
Course Syllabus:
LGC 100 (S50) Syllabus  [PDF, 32 kb.]
Course Schedule:
LGC 100 (S50) Course Schedule [PDF, 10 kb.]
Fallacies Assignment: LGC 100 Fallacy Analysis Assignment [PDF, 11 kb.]
Other: Editing Marks and Some Common Mistakes to Avoid [PDF, 56 kb.]

Presentations Used in Class
Week 1 Arguments [PDF, 272 kb.]
Week 2

Argument Structure and Standardization [PDF, 52 kb.]

  Evaluation and ARG Conditions [PDF, 52 kb.]
Week 3 Language, Definitions, Premises [PDF, 56 kb.]
Week 4

Relevance [PDF, 46 kb.]

Weeks 5 & 6 Categorical Logic [PDF, 282 kb.]
Weeks 6 & 7 Propositional Logic (Part 1) [PDF, 98 kb.]
  Propositional Logic (Part 2) [PDF, 59 kb.]
Week 8 Inductive Arguments [PDF, 88 kb.]

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